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Home tanning tips and advice

  • Moisturize your skin with lotions developed for sunbeds, preferably before and after your tanning session. Tanning lotions and creams prepare your skin for UV exposure, reducing the drying effects of tanning.

  • Remove jewellery and cosmetics, deodorants and perfume. Best results are obtained after a shower or a bath.

  • DO NOT use sunblock lotions as this defeats the purpose of using a sunbed. Reduce exposure by reducing the time spent on the bed and build your tan slowly.

  • Always wear protective eye goggles designed for sunbed use. Goggles are supplied free of charge with all our beds.

  • Always start your tanning with the rcommended time, never start with the maximum time on the first few exposures. Too long on early  sessions  can cause burning instead of tanning.

  • While tanning switch of all power hungry appliances such as tumble dryer/emersion heaters etc. These can reduce the power available to the tanning bed and slightly reduce the output strength of the UV tubes.

  • It can take up to 48 hours after UV exposure for your tan to fully develop