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Why hire a sunbed?

People turn to tanning for many reasons; to look and feel healthy, to minimize the risk of sunburn while on holiday, for U.V. therapy to aid healing and skin ailments and to relax.

There are a lot of reasons to tan at home, here are just a few:


  • Privacy: You can tan in the privacy of your home. Men too are realizing the benifits of tanning and can do so without visiting a salon which some may find embarrasing.

  • Convenience: Tan whenever you want, regardless of the weather and without the need to find time to go to the salon

  • Hygiene: It is your bed to use while you hire it and you won't be sharing it with strangers.

  • Affordability: Cheaper than visiting a salon and saves time. So, if you're planning your:
  • Wedding
  • Formal
  • Holiday
  • Function

Or if you just want to feel good, why not hire your sunbed from Sunbed Hire